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Slimming Vibration Belt (Soba Belt)

Slimming Vibration Belt (Soba Belt)
Product Code: SG114

Product Code:SG114

1. Safe and simple to use yet delivers brilliant results.
2. Work as Massager Machine and Slimming Machine.
3. Ideal for Slimming, Relaxing and Exercising.
4. The perfect combination of Heating and Vibration function.
5. Allow your muscles to contract 30-50 times per second just by using this massage belt 10-15 minutes daily
6. Stimulates your fat cells to be transformed into fatty acid glycerol Benefits
7. Burns fat effectively by using high density of vibration enabling to break the fat molecules
8. Uses a unique heated oscillating massage action with clockwise and counter-clockwise motion
9. Helps to burn calories, lose weight and eliminate cellulite while doing nothing
10.Improve blood circulation, body metabolism
11.Helps relieve fatigue
12.Firms and tones up any of your body parts such as: Waist, abs, thighs, hips, buns, arms.
13.With remote control to adjust the program.

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