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Cervical Belt ( Neck & Shoulder )

Cervical Belt ( Neck & Shoulder )
Product Code: SG100

Product Code:SG100

Cervical Shoulder Pain Relief Healing Massager
spinegem Cervical Spondylosis Exercise Belt or Healax Shoulder Massager, adopts the latest scientific and technological achievements, with strong built-in motored chip, imitating the hammering and beating actions from the professional massagist on the human body, can help realize the deep hammering and opening the channels fully onto your acupuncture points and joints, gain a thorough treatment of cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, joint disease and other ailments. The innovated covered style appearance design can make your use very convenient and easy. Its built-in Mineral Salt, under the effect of constant temperature, can rapidly penetrate into the skin and muscle tissues, promote cell movements, release fatigue and bring the patients the easy cervical treatment experience.

Different kind of emulation modes
Combined with the different capacity of the human body and different hammering effects, spinegem Cervical Pain Relief Belt has set different modes of movements, hammering and tapping etc. With various massage rhythms, the users can experience the professional massage effects and fully enjoy the comfort brought by the balancing of all body functions.

Complete covering & close massage
spinegem Cervical Shoulder Massager bears the scientific appearance design, can effectively be placed and cover the different parts of your body. The user can place it directly onto the neck, back, buttock, thigh, calf joints etc. to realize the one-point hammering. It’s very convenient and easy for operation.

Knee joints hammering, Revivify blood and Remove frozen blood
When you use our Cervical Mineral Belt to hammer on the knee joints, it can help effectively stimulate the acupuncture points, realize channel opening, enhance blood circulation. The patients suffered from arthritis and other diseases can get evident analgesic and therapeutic effect.

Thorough treatment and cure of cervical diseases
People who sit in the office all day long or keep using the computers will surely feel pains, stiffness in the neck and shoulders. They will feel pain of pressing if touched onto the Tochinami Acupoint which is caused by the long-time unsuitable sitting position, excess tension, resulting in the blocking of the channels in the shoulder and Tochinami acupoint. In the meanwhile, the poor posture can put pressure on the spinal bones and result in hyperosteogeny if for too long which is also named the Bone Disease and aggravate the stagnance and block condition of the Tochinami acupoint.

In addition to the direct hammering effect onto such acupoints as Tochinami, Neck&shoulder, Tianzong etc., the built-in mineral salts can rapidly penetrate into your body, directly stimulate the vividness of the body muscles and tissues, restore the diseased tissues. Just relax your minds and guarantee the sleep, avoid long-time fatigue then the patients with cervical diseases can get thorough treatment accordingly.

With the use of spinegem Cervical Mineral Belt, it can help Open the channels, Revivify the bloods and completely remove the pains from the Cervical diseases. spinegem Cervical Mineral Belt open the channels, help controlling cervical disease and ease pain, Expert for channel hammering, Upper back, Lower back, Buttock etc and is 100% natural treatment device.


This neck and shoulder massager can massage the neck, shoulder and any other parts of the body Detailed Features about the neck and shoulder massager

1. Power drum-massager for effective relief of neck and shoulderaches
2. 8 Automatic massage programmes with different intensity levels.
3. Shug body-hugging design for a comfortable and targeted massage
4. Pre-programmed auto-rhythmic massage
5. Portable hands-free design
6. One-touch control panel
7. Built-in auto timer of 15 Min.

Effectiveness of the neck and shoulder massager:

1. Relieves muscle aches and stiffness
2. Improves blood circulation
3. Relieves tension and reduces stress
4. Relievesfatigue and tiredness
5. Promotes ralaxation

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