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Blood Circulation Machine

Blood Circulation Machine
Product Code: SG109

Product Code:SG109

The Stress of Modern Day Lifestyles!

Today’s hectic lifestyle means you often don’t have the time to exercise properly. Combined with an unbalanced diet, undue stress and air pollution, many problems such as headaches, dizziness, lower back pain, and constipation can occur. To combat this, you need to maintain the proper oxygen content in your body.

For only 15 minutes per day, you can properly exercise your muscles throughout the whole body, while achieving a relaxing massage that will leave you feeling refreshed for the rest of the day —– de-stressed! Do you know that the most common lower back pain and headaches are due to hours of sitting at your desk or standing all day long?

By doing this, your blood becomes stagnant. The WBV can help reverse this effect by allowing better blood circulation to help alleviate such symptoms.

These days, more and more doctors and alternative medicine practitioners are using good blood circulation as an important criterion for good health.

How Does It Work?
According to Scientific Approach, In our every Feet & Palm contains approximately 7,200 nerve endings, it is connected to Brain through Peripheral nervous system. It can be stimulated by pressure. BCM stimulates brain through these nerve endings, via peripheral nervous system.

Oxygen turns out to be one of the key elements in attaining and maintaining good health. However, people today do not have enough oxygen intakes. Although people would have enough circulation of oxygen in their bodies to keep them alive, they would not have the oxygen to keep them healthy.

Rule of use
• Drink a glass of warm water before using this machine. • Keep machine stable and horizontal. • Sit on a raised object & gently place your feet on the contact plate. Apply pressure on the knees to press all the reflex points. • Temporarily switch off the power. Wait for the user to stand firm (with support) first by bending the knees slightly & after some time when the user is comfortable he/she can stand straight. • BCM can be used in various other postures depending upon the requirement

The most effective way to acquire a sufficient amount of oxygen is to be in motion. Exercise is one of the ways to keep your body moving. Exercise helps calm your nerves, prevent constipation and makes it less likely to get other diseases. Good health depends very much upon the efficiency of oxygen intake by the body.

Efficacy of the product:
• Regulates the meridians, smoothens Qi(energy) and blood, supply oxygen, dispels toxin and prolongs life • Cleans blood vessel to facilitate blood circulation and enhance metabolism • Strengthens visceral function; and improves digestive and absorption function • Activates cell and improves immunity • Enhances the balance of internal secretion by stimulating and massaging the points • Regulating blood microcirculation can take the effects of facial beautification and health caring. • Over weight • Respiratory Disorders • Arthritis, Low Backache • Sciatica, stiff joints and muscles • Beauty-skin problems • Frozen shoulder, fatigue, numbness & many more

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